What are the steps you should follow during publishing real state post on Linkedin?


 Do you work in real estate and need to publish posts in English on social media?  

Do you find it challenging to write posts on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter in English?  

Have you ever thought, if I only knew the right words in English to talk about this article or introduce our new property development on  LinkedIn? 

If so, then this post is for you!  This post and the courses that we offer on our website are made for real estate professionals with  English as their second language who want to learn or improve their English to help their career. 

What are the steps you should follow during publishing real state post on Linkedin?


In this post, we're going to focus on expressions and phrases that you can use in your real estate social media posts. Just like all of our posts, this post also features tons of real estate English vocabulary,  so if you have any questions or would like me to dive deeper into any of these words in another post, let me know in the comments below. 

Let's start off by talking about posting about articles.  Let's say you've recently read an interesting article and you want to share it on LinkedIn.  And, of course, you also want to share some of your thoughts on the article.  A great way to start off a post like this is to write  This gets your readers excited about the article and lets them know that you think it's worth their time to read it, too.  

You can follow the phrase  "interesting read" with let's say the article you are sharing is about the latest developments in smart home technology. You could write,  Engaging your audience and getting them involved is an important part of any social media strategy.  

If you're posting about an article, one great way to encourage people to post in the comments is to write. This encourages your readers to share their opinion in the comments and you might get a conversation going.  Now that we've talked about posting articles on social media and you've learned a few expressions that you can use to help you write your posts, let's move on to  Depending on your job description, as a real estate professional you might need to announce company publications on social media.  


Some of the examples include market reports and market trend analyses.  Finding the right words in  English can be difficult.  The good news is, there are several expressions that will make writing these social media posts in English much easier.  A great way to announce the publication of a new report is to start off  by writing, "We've  just published our latest report."  This expression is straightforward and to the point.  It lets your readers know exactly what you are posting about and that they can look forward to reading the latest report from your company.  

Another way to introduce a new report is to start by writing  Not only does this tell your readers that you have a new report out, but it also tells them what the report is about.  There are a few variations that you can use here as well.  Let me give you a few examples.  This phrase is a good way to get your readers excited about your publication.  The phrase "to check out" is a more casual way of saying "to read" or to "look at" and works well on social media, where sometimes less formal styles of communication tend to be effective.  

Now that we've talked about announcing publications on social media and you have a few phrases in your back pocket that you can use. Let's move on and talk about   If you work in real estate,  there's also a good chance that you sometimes need to write social media posts about a current listing. Listing is the word we use in English when we talk about a property that has been listed or placed on the market for sale or for lease.  Social media can be a great way to get the word out about a property that you are trying to sell or rent out for your clients. 

Here are a  few phrases that you can use to write your post.  By letting your readers know how excited you are about your new listing, you encourage them to get excited about it, too.  This is a very friendly, positive way of presenting a property that you are trying to sell or let. You can follow this introduction with a  brief description of the property and a link to the sales particulars. Sometimes you also might want to include the name of your client in your social media post.  

The phrase "we are thrilled to be representing" is a great way to include the name of the party that is selling or letting the property in your post. This can be especially useful if your client has asked you to include their name in your marketing strategy.  So now you have a few phrases that you can use when you need to post about a  new listing or a client that you are representing.  

If you have any questions about posting on social media in English for real estate,  Let me know in the comments! To learn more about our courses check out our website and you can also join my group on LinkedIn. Have a great week!   

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