How you can run Facebook ads with the help of a salesman?


How you can run Facebook ads with the help of a salesman?

Is it possible to run Facebook ads with the help of a salesman?

If you're selling products online, you really need someone on your team whose entire job is running Facebook ads.  So not a general marketing person who happens to do your Facebook ads, not some little side project that you give to someone who does organic, social or something else, someone on your team exclusively dedicated to this.  Otherwise, you could be leaving $10,000 hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. 

Here is precisely why.  So more than half of the online sales are through Google, which includes YouTube, as well as  Facebook, which includes Instagram.  So it's really important to get really good at both these traffic channels.  Facebook specifically is 21%.  And you think about competing against someone who is really dominating at Facebook.  

So, if this is the number of sales without Facebook ads, and they're really dominating doing an extra 20% or more through Facebook ads, if this happens month after month, they are going to outcome You in the market.  Another thing you have to think about it for a lot of companies, they have a lot of fixed costs, spaces, wages, things like that.  So they may need to make this many sales just to break even.  And up here is profit.  So adding a really good traffic channel, adding consistent Facebook sales at the right amount,  can like double profit or even more,  every ad that you launch that doesn't work well,  you lose money, every ad you launch that does work while you make money.  And you can never know precisely what's going to work in advance.  

How to generate traffic with Facebook ads with the help of a salesman?

How to generate traffic with Facebook ads with the help of a salesman?

However, working with someone who's launched hundreds, even thousands of ads over many,  many years, we'll have a much better idea of things that are really likely to perform well.  And I want to give an example.  Let's say in this case, here's someone who's more experienced who launches 10 ads and three of them work really well.  Seven don't wear someone a little more inexperienced. are not as familiar with what's working really well.  They launch 10 ads and one work, it's actually not that uncommon to have zero work out of  10.  

So, for example, I'm saying, if you launch an ad that does really well, on average, that ad is going to make you $1,000.  This is actually pretty low, I've done the ads that have made over $30,000 off the one ad will say $1,000 you make from an ad that does well, and you lose 150 from an ad that you do and it just doesn't perform, it's not working well.  And eventually, you have to cut your losses and turn the ad off.  It's usually a little bit more than that, that you're actually losing because you think of team members time setting up the ads, you know, actually spending the money to test it and then cutting your losses and turning it off.  But you can see if you have one that works and nine that don't, you definitely are going to end up in the hole.  But if you have three that work and seven that don't, you're almost definitely going to make money with this and doing it over time.

Over and over, that spread between making and losing money gets bigger and bigger.  And that is why it's so crucial to have the highest percentage possible that perform really,  really well.  It can cost you so much time, energy and resources, creating an ad that gets disapproved or even worse, creating an ad that gets your account banned.  And it can be really challenging a lot of work to get unbanned some people never get their account on banned.  

How Facebook Ads are constantly changing?

So that's why it's so important to really know what's allowed on Facebook, what they're going to flag and actually know those rules.  But the problem is those rules are constantly changing.  It's a really long document.  I read through it over 100 times because I go through it weekly, and actually see if anything has changed or been updated.  And there's a lot that Facebook really doesn't like they use artificial intelligence to go through the entire Facebook posts.  

Actually, go through the landing page, the page that you send people to looking for certain key phrases they hate before and after pictures. There are entire industries that aren't allowed.  And there are even things that you really need to include like often privacy policy Terms of Service refund policy, a link back to the homepage.  So, you really want someone on your team that understand these in-depth isn't going to waste all your time, energy and resources, creating an ad that gets you disapproved, or even banned.  Using the right tools can save so much time and money for your business.  

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