How Linkedin and networking helps in making your business profitable?


LinkedIn and networking are a very good pair. Last week, I went through five different networking mistakes that a lot of people make on LinkedIn, and I'll leave that post linked here.  For anybody who hasn't seen it in today's post, I'm going to focus on different  networking strategies that you can use on LinkedIn to network effectively.  These tactics have helped me generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, land speaking gigs,  podcasts and article mention, get access to interview industry leaders.

How Linkedin and networking helps in making your business profitable?

Role of LinkedIn and networking in making your business profitable:

The strategy is going to be broken up. Now let's jump in. Where do you want to get to? It really doesn't matter. Networking is the same way.  If you don't start out with your goals in mind to determine who are the right types of people to connect with,  networking can become unpredictable, all while bringing you minimal results.  So the first thing you need to do is start targeting the right types of people based on what it is that you want to accomplish in your life.  I call these networking target personas.  

If you're looking for more clients than this persona will be the type of person that's within the niche that you serve.  If you're looking for a job, then that might be the people that are  already doing the type of position that you want to be doing.  You're looking to find someone to date on LinkedIn.  Then your target persona maybe LinkedIn is not for dating.  You can take that shit back to  Just stop being a creep on LinkedIn.  Now back to your scheduled programming. 

 To create your Target persona profiles start by developing a list of potential keywords.  And depend on if you have LinkedIn premium or not. You can apply certain filters when you're searching in LinkedIn for these types of people, create three to five different target personas. If you don't have very specific industries in mind, but the more specific you are, the more targeted you can be in that search when you find some profiles of people that actually fit your target persona.  You can also look on the right-hand side of their profile and find the people also viewed tab and that will show you different profiles of people that are similar.  

You should also use groups,  find the communities where your target persona is already present.  This is also very easily searchable through the LinkedIn groups filter.  For a lot of my clients who are looking for remote jobs, for instance,  it's very useful for them to start adding themselves to other communities on LinkedIn that are specific to remote workers.  Once you get approved into the group on the upper right-hand side when you click to see all. You can now see a list of their names as well as the headlines of the people.  

How to grow your network in Linkedin marketing?

How to grow your network in Linkedin marketing?

My recommendation is to start adding people directly from those groups.  Always add a note.  When you connect with people, send them a short sentence about how you found them in the group and that you want to connect with like-minded people.  And then you can also include a small thing that you noticed about their profile, either something you have in common or something that you can compliment.  These details make a huge difference when they're not automated or too general.  

If someone can tell that you actually looked at their profile and are complimenting them, they're much more likely to accept your connection request.  And that's way to help start a conversation and to actually build real relationships.  Once you have these profiles of your target persona and you started adding these people, you can also create bookmarks as you find people in these communities to connect with.  I recommend making bookmarks not only for companies and different communities but actually for people, because if you start finding people that are actively creating content on LinkedIn. 

You want to create shortcuts so that you can easily get to their content to engage with it,  go to their activity, feed, save that as a bookmark in your bookmarks folder.  And now each week you can easily go to their content to engage with it.  Social media can be such a powerful way to spread your influence and connect with amazing people in a meaningful way.  Or it can be a pathway to mindless consumption. 


If you're one of the first people on a post that becomes really popular. Everyone who comments on that afterwards will see your comment as well.  When people start noticing that you are really thoughtful in the way that you comment and you share your expertise in that way, they'll subconsciously feel a familiarity to you that starts to break down walls and barriers for you and creates more opportunities for conversations and meaningful connections. 

You can start with the target personas we talked about before, and that's why we see them in the bookmarks because then you can go directly to their activity feed.  You can also target certain companies  that you're following because when you comment on a company's piece of content,  you can become very visible to the people within that organization.  You can also search on LinkedIn for hashtags.

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