How Bitcoin is working in global financial marketplace?


There are some people in the world that don't have access to credit systems to the global financial marketplaceI like the freedom that Bitcoin enables if everyone used Bitcoin would the government be able to tax them.  Well at the moment now our taxing them, although there are some fun statistics with that. I think that in  2015 about 800 people filed Bitcoin-related taxes. 

I can show you there are a lot more people  Earning money in crypto. It's a grey area with government at the moment because they're really figuring out regulations. They don't know whether you know currencies like a theory and whether it's considered a security or not.  Every department seems to want a piece of the pie so some government departments tax it as currency some governments treat it as your assets and get  Capital gains from it. 

How Bitcoin is working in global financial marketplace?

Working of Bitcoin in the global financial marketplace:

People are still trying to get their head around and still trying to figure out.  I don't think you can shoehorn it into the existing system. I think this is going to completely. Give an upheaval to the existing system. It still requires Wi-Fi on a computer. It's not gonna be it's gonna be worthless. Once the electricity goes out you will not get money from the ATM. That'll be worthless as well  I guess you have all your money under your mattress.

Well, no not even cash. I like you know dollar bills don't have any value. Yeah, we're all gonna be trading like cigarettes  Yeah, right  So it's why I'm posting up on Cadbury's because I like to berate eggs chocolate  Nevermind.  I know what Cadbury is. Okay, like the Easter eggs like the chocolate Well I only see it at Easter time. I've been getting into like preparing for the apocalypse, but I  Feel like bitcoins still gonna be worthless.


Preparations have you made like I have like a boxcar.  Yeah, Adderall Lexapro out of because those can be traded like currency. No, the great thing about Bitcoin. I mean if you're a prepper and you're like I'm stashing up on gold like you really have a warehouse filled with gold. You don't think that's going to be raided in two seconds flat like you want to skip the country. You want to take giant gold bars. 

You basically need a bunch of words. You need to just memorize them and then you can reactivate your account. Anywhere in the world without any need for hardware without any need for a third-party app to still exist you can. You can access your coins there. It's all on a blockchain. I mean with it. 

You hear that a lot. Everyone's it's like there's got a moment. I mean, it's probably can be useless, so is your us dollar where all of these things are and I think that  Bitcoin isn't necessarily the answer to all of our money needs. I think that there are different ecosystems and different needs for money and Bitcoin definitely feels one of those roles. We haven't had an International Money exists apart from the US dollar that tries to claim that title and force everyone to accept it.

Now, we have international money for an international marketplace and we have digital money real digital money for a digital marketplace. All right before you could say well PayPal as that but again PayPal is like operating on a credit system you're getting permission from them and to use their system for one and they're charging your fees on top of that and it's part of this really cumbersome expensive existing infrastructure that really doesn't need to exist with new technology that's available. It's also the system where you think that your money is instantaneously being transferred but it's not it goes through this Clearing House. It takes weeks for all this to be processed. 

Bitcoin is just a step up from  Existing digital forms of money and the reason that is is that we finally figured out or Satoshi Nakamoto finally figured out how to make digital assets irreproducible. So, before we're used to taking screenshots of computers, you know  If you have a photo you can easily duplicate that if you have a file in a video file, you can easily copy them  How do you have digital assets that can't just be copied. Someone figured out how to create a digital asset that couldn't be copied that was unique. This digital money was born and it was pretty remarkable.  It's like this wonderful balance between new tech and just a way of arranging different things that already existed keeping economic incentives in mind. 


So  It's awesome very so now you get it now like you made it limited. That's the only amount of Bitcoin that will ever exist whereas, you know like 2008 when the financial crisis happened they had all this quantitative easing and they were like print all the money and everyone gets some and this Bank gets some get some. That basically means that our money in our savings account gets less and less valuable. As the marketplace gets diluted and we know that we're losing 2% at least of our savings a year for inflation. That's targeted inflation rate set by the Fed. So bitcoin is a digital currency.  

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