How Linkedin is effective in generating leads in 2020?


 I was in digital marketing prior to that found that LinkedIn was the most effective way to generate leads. Since then we've been able to post content which you know I never really sunk my teeth into too much. I was doing a bit on YouTube and I was actually in university I was a hip hop artist. So, being creative was something that appealed to me and writing even writing articles as well as video content. 

I think that storytelling is a huge aspect of content marketing and I really just practice. I learned through trial and error once something works for me then I offer it to my clients when it works for my clients. I will share it as content on LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube's been really big for me lately. 

How Linkedin is effective in generating leads in 2020?


I'm very passionate about what I do. We never know which direction is heading but we know that it's changing faster all the time and so to be at the cutting edge of the industry is quite exciting. There's never a dull moment. I

I think  like many of us, we had probably you had a LinkedIn profile over some time and before you start generating some real business from it. You tell us about your journey on LinkedIn. Yeah, absolutely I am just finished failing at a real estate business after moving back from Asia. I  ran out of money after about eight months and one of my friends called me up. He had a web marketing agency in Perth and he said you're really good at sales. 

This was very interesting in going over to Melbourne and then starting our Melbourne operation in web marketing. I've always worked in real estate. If you know I hadn't sold web marketing for us. I said look why not the best target audience and he said oh if you can get sales.

They're the best they know nothing about marketing. They've got loads of money and they always need new leads and so it's like okay cool. I wrote a list of all the sales in Melbourne and tried door-knocking but couldn't get past the practice manager that the reception desk tried cold calling them. 

He couldn't get past the practice manager again and I was like  what's this social media site that I signed up to recently LinkedIn and as a  profile picture of me. My club going like this at a time and I contacted ten men. I got six responses and four meetings and I made one sale but it's  the touch it's the ideal side that audience right. 

So while other people in  the company who had been doing it for years were selling websites for three or  four thousand dollars. The website that I saw that month was for twenty  twenty-five five thousand dollars thereabouts and so, of course, the next the month I just sent out more messages. It wasn't long before we grew that  company from one hundred and sorry eight employees to 120 had offices in every  city in Australia. 


That's when I left and decided to specialize in LinkedIn marketing. That's a great journey so obviously you are successful on LinkedIn and you were such a strong LinkedIn and you grew from there can you tell us. You think who is LinkedIn for and why is LinkedIn important in your business. So it's about relationships creating relationships and obviously, LinkedIn is about creating business relationships. 

I think that if you're  looking for to grow your career and if you're a student looking for you know the guidance mentorship or if you're a salesperson looking to grow your  business entrepreneur investor raising capital. All these businesses  opportunities you know if you contact somebody on Facebook and and say  hey I noticed that you're an angel investor. I'd love to catch up with you  for a coffee, it's not really appropriate for starters  whereas on LinkedIn it kind of set up like that. 

So you look at their the profile you can read what their professional background is you can see what business contacts. You have in common. So it's a definitely networking the platform it amazes me today when people say to me. I say how do you get customers as they are. 

I'm a member  of business networking international, where they go to breakfast with twenty  other business people every more or every week twenty people. They've  got six hundred and twenty million members on LinkedIn that they could be  connecting with every single day and this like it's like networking on  steroids with every protein shake. 

You possibly imagine and think the content side of it allows you to connect. So, you don't just start these relationships and start these conversations. You actually build relationships on mass as well which is incredibly exciting and you know like the other platforms and social media at the moment. You got to invest to get in front of people whereas, on LinkedIn, they've made it. 

So that the best content gets the most reach and you don't have to spend a  dollar. That's actually very interesting because that's kind of like a segue to the next question which I have for you. So what do you see are the successful strategies LinkedIn. So first one is or what depends on your the objective of course but like from a relationship-building perspective. 


I think that a lot of people who have joined in the last couple of years straight to posting content. I think the most immediate way that you can generate a return on investment is by literally sending somebody a connection requesting.  

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