How search engine marketing helps in earning more income in 2020?

You've heard of the guys who make like thousands or even hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars a year on digital products, and it's true.

Now, I know I don't say all of them, not all of them are making that kind of money, but some of them do, and that's got an interest. I mean, that's the attention you can make all this money on search engine marketing, but the question is how. So this post is going to explain to you how because I've done it.

This is not all I've earned, but this is an average for a few months, and I thought I would show you and break it all down. So you can see what I'm selling, how I'm selling, and how much I'm selling it for.


We're starting right now. I have a $97 eCommerce course, if you'd like to grab that for free it's down in the description all you have to do is click the link and learn no credit card required. Whatsoever that's a great course you want to grab that. I mean, the price is right. It's free; no credit card required now.

How search engine marketing helps in earning more income in 2020?

If you've got questions about search engine marketing and I am coming out with a course very soon on how to create and market digital products, but if you've got a question about digital products, put it in the comments below. This is because some of those things I may put in the course, and I'll be happy to answer your comments below to give me a thumbs up in my post.

While you're at it, I'd appreciate it alright let's jump right in here. I've been selling online since 2009—Guys I've sold millions of dollars of digital and physical products. I've sold both no this post. All I do is teach you how to do the same thing. There wasn't a whole lot of proper training when I got started in 2009.

There were a lot of ripoff artists, to be honest with you. So, I went to provide this to you guys so that you can build your business start running a more significant business online. I appreciate you listening so much. It means a lot to me.


How search engine marketing helps in earning more income in 2020?

Let's jump right into this. I want to show you precisely what we do what we sell how much we charge all those good things. Let's start with square one where I started, and you don't necessarily start where I was okay.

I'm just giving you my path, and I initially started with a survival food company that particular survival food company is called survival cave food. We started selling survival food we sold, to begin with, dehydrated and freeze-dried foods, then we went into canned meats, and we've been selling those.

Since 2009 understand very well going through a situation. We've sold a ton of food in this situation, which is very lovely, but that's not what my digital products are. That's a physical product. So that's a product that you know you picked up you put it into a box you put a label on it you ship it out.

Somebody receives it a digital product is something that they give you money for, and digitally it's a harsh word to say digitally. They get the product sent to them via email or have a login to a site or something along those lines.

Many years ago, and that's an affiliate site, and they said hey you sell products online, could you possibly do a course that tells people how to sell products online. I didn't realize it, but it took me over a year to do that course. It was very hard, took a lot of work, and involved a lot of people, but I did come out with the class called digital cash.


So, I want to walk you through that process I sold the survival food for years, and I guess I got known as somebody who could sell something online. So I had people that would question me and say well how you make money online had yourself products online. I started telling a lot of these people how to make money online, and some people at Clickbank approached me.

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