How to do freelancing remotely | Tips to become freelancer

In this post, I will tell you about some of the good platforms to learn skills  that you need in order to be able to be a remote worker, that would allow you to have that lifestyle. So if you're somebody  that has been wanting to work remotely,  but you feel you're a little bit rusty  and you need to polish up on some of the skills  that you already have and get updated,  or if you feel you want to change your career path and you need to learn a new skill  that you would like to then offer as a freelancer,  then this post is just for you.  

How to do freelancing remotely | Tips to become freelancer


Now in today's post, as I was saying,  we're going to be talking about skills,  and where to learn the skills that you need  in order to be successful and score those freelancing  or working from home opportunities  that would allow you to have the freedom and the lifestyle that you are aiming for.  And I think this is such a critical step  in order for you to get closer to those opportunities.  Because if you're not up to date on your skills,  or you are rather rusty and you haven't practised them,  or even worse if you don't have those skills,  but you just think you do, or you think you could do it,  without necessarily learning from others,  then I truly honestly believe  that it will be much harder for you to land those jobs. 

So my advice to you before we get into the details is,  please consider updating your skills  and learning about the area  that you would like to perform in and supply services in.  Because we live in a world that is changing so fast  that even if you've been doing. 


Social media marketing five years ago,  or even three years ago,  things would be totally different today,  or at least 60, 70% different than they used to be.  We use different channels, the algorithms have changed.  So you really need to get updated on your skills.  So today, regardless of the area of work that you would like to operate in,  I'm going to walk you through some of the platforms that I think are great for you to consider learning and developing those new skills in order for you to be able to land the freelancing or the remote working opportunities that you've been after.  

If you don't know me, I mentioned in the previous post,  I have been working from home for close to seven years now.  I manage the Facebook community of over 20,000 people who work remotely or who are looking to work remotely.  So I would love to Share with you some of the platforms  that I have been using myself in order to update and learn new skills.  

All right, so I am now sharing the screen of my computer and I'm going to show you exactly what I'm talking about,  the 10 websites that I have been using myself,  and that I think are great resources for you as well.  And I am going to start with LinkedIn Learning.  This used to be called Lynda as well.  


Now, Lynda was acquired by LinkedIn,  so it is called LinkedIn Learning.  And what I think is great about LinkedIn Learning is that not only do they have so, so many different types of subjects that you could learn from,  across Business, you see here business analysis strategy,  customer service, finance, human resources, marketing,  but you can also go into Creative and learn graphic design Or Technology, and learn DevOps,  or cloud computing, or mobile development.  

And as you go into each of them,  you will get tailored learning paths.  Not only will you get self-paced learning,  but also at the end of it, you can request a certification,  which in some cases, depending on the area  that you're studying and you want to improve in,  might be really, really great to get.  So let's just take a simple example  just to show you how it should be done.  Let's say you want to learn  something related to the Creative area,  and you want Animation and Illustration, just click on that.  And then you can obviously filter here by the type of content that you would like to get.  

You can get into the level,  the kind of software that you want to specialize in.  And let's say,  you would like,  to follow a learning path,  and you would like beginners one or courses for beginners.  And you want to learn Photoshop.  This is going to give you 24 different types of courses that you can then go into and go through.  For example, Learning Digital Painting.

I'll just take that one, so you can see how it looks.  You will not be able to hear it now.  But you see, it also allows you to get a certificate,  the course takes close to two hours.  It's beginner level,  and it explains here exactly what you will be learning.  So definitely LinkedIn Learning,  I think it's a great resource for you to consider.  Some of the courses are free,  some you might need to pay for.  There's a whole lot of them that are free and that you could benefit from.  Now let's get into number two, which is Udemy.


  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Indeed
  • Freelancer
  • Guru


Udemy, I would say,  is more of a crowdsourcing type of content.  So the content would not necessarily be coming from certified or experienced, or institutions like we will come to see a little bit later.  But you will definitely be able to find pretty much any type of skill content that you would be looking for.  You see where they have content covering software development, businessfinance and accounting, software,  pretty much anything, design, marketing, lifestylephotography, even music if you're interested in music production or music fundamentals or music software,  so definitely worth checking out.  Courses on Udemy typically costs around $10.  And in some cases, you could get a certification as well.  

Let's take an example.  Let's say, Digital Marketing,  and you want Marketing Strategy,  as an area of development where you would like to further improve or develop your skills.  You see here, many courses would cost around 12, $13.  You can definitely tell the quality of the course by the ranking and the feedback that it will have gotten.  You will see comments from other people who have followed the same course.  Definitely, one of the resources that are appreciated by many since they have over one and a half million students.  So, consider Udemy,  I think it's a great place to learn new skills.  

Let's move now to number three, Skillshare.  All right, so Skillshare is, in a way similar to Udemy,  in the sense that you have pretty much content covering all areas.  It will nonetheless ask you to create a plan.  And you will be paying, probably in the US,  it's somewhere around $10,  herein Switzerland, it costs eight francs and 25 per month or close to 100 francs yearly.  Now, that is if you want to become a premium member,  which means you have access to all of their courses.  


If you, however, just want the free version,  you would still, have access to,  I think 1,600 courses anyway.  And you see here you can browse and go through the categories of content that they will help.  You see, in many cases,  they will be very related to creative, animation,  writing, film graphic design,  illustration, photography, and so forth.  

They do have some business analytics and marketing ones, leadership as well.  But I would say Skillshare is probably more catering towards the creatives.  And if those are the skills that you're looking to develop,  then Skillshare might be the one you want to be looking into.  

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