How Facebook Marketing helps in growing business to an extreme level?



Today, I'm gonna break down the top three Facebook ads and Instagram ads for realtors. So I'm gonna show you guys exactly step by step how this is all set up. So you guys can have no questions on how to get started to start generating leads on Facebook or  Instagram because Facebook owns Instagram so it all works and also really quick.

If you guys do want this  Facebook ad copy of my best 3 Facebook to ask for Realtors, Just go ahead drop a comment down below. Just type in real estate leads and I'll share that with you. So, let's get to the details here. 

So this first one this is going through and market a listing. So if you have a listing you want to go through and market or let's say you don't have a listing but another agent in your office has a listing then that works. Perfect - just make sure you get their permission and so this is exactly what the Facebook or even the Instagram ad will look like.


So, Basically to say something like new listing not likely do the hashtag because it goes and pops up in blue right there. It's a little more catchy and someone's newsfeed as they're scrolling through on their phone or on their laptop. Then I also like to throw in some emojis because it makes it a little bit more fun right makes it pop a little bit more.

How Facebook Marketing helps in growing business to an extreme level?

We've got new listing see it before anyone else five beds, and I would probably put three baths for Basques. How many bathrooms it has gone here to get the price location plus more pictures. So this is linking out to a landing page and then also here in a second. I'll show you guys how we can actually get this set up with what is called a Facebook lead format. 

So it's basically the same concept somebody sees the ad they click on it. This one's going to a landing page where then the person goes in. They click on this put in their name their email phone and hit submit and they become a lead in your database, right?  

Well, the lead format is the same type of concept, but instead of going to a landing page, It's an internal system inside of Facebook. And the cool thing. Is it Auto populates. The person's name phone number email address?  Inside of the Facebook lead format.


What I like to do is usually put a picture of the front of the home and if you have more pictures than great you. You can go through and add those to the post as well, but underneath go here to get price location plus more pics.  I usually like to have one or two paragraphs covering kind of the hot points the deets tells about the home.

How Facebook Marketing helps in growing business to an extreme level?

Maybe if you're going after a specific demographic. With family and kids, you say it's close to nearby parks and great schools different things like that and at the end, I like to finish it up one more time. With the call to action to go here to get the price address plus more pictures. So that's what we're holding back in  Exchange for the visitor's contact information, right?

So they come here they see this listing. And then they go and they click on this link to go to the landing page. Now, this ad right here consistently outperforms all other Facebook ads for realtors. So if you want an easy win, this is a great way to go through and start getting a consistent lead flow. We time and time again see leads for less than five dollars using this exact Facebook app,

Now I want to show you guys another one. Let's say you don't have a listing to market for your real estate business  No worries. We still got you covered. So this one is for buyer leads. So, we got over here. This is another template. It says attention to your city. So it's super easy  You can go through and fill in the blanks. Once again if you guys do want these Facebook ad templates.


If you're a real estate agent, then just go-ahead type in real estate leads down in the comment. Also, give this post a thumbs up and I will go through and share all of the ad templates and the copy everything with you, So you can implement this into your business. So it's going to say attention Dallas attention Phoenix Denver wherever you're located.  

Okay, and you can even say are you or anyone you know looking to buy a home because then you're calling out that person specifically. This follows here. So once again, this is where they go and click out to a landing page. We can capture their contact information. This one's obviously just set up as a test site right there.  But we could also set this up as a lead form and we could say instead a follow here.

So we've compiled a free report of homes for sale under three hundred fifty thousand or  500,000 or 600,000 whatever the value of the home. You like to particularly work with  Right and it says some of these homes may even qualify for special with financing programs follow here. One last  Call-to-action there.

Thanks, And then you said you have your name right there to kind of personalize it and the great thing is what you want to do with all these Facebook ads.

Hope you liked the post and got some value from it! 

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