What are the habits which you must have as a freelancer in 2020?



Hello everybody, Today I will tell you about cause bracelet and why you excited that so cause bracelet for its nonprofits. It's not a non-profit so don't give too much credit on that.  

I created cause bracelet just  to give people a tangible way to support  the things that they love and honestly  like most businesses, you create things for yourself right. You know then you're  like oh there are other people that  might. Also, have this as well so we  support causes honestly that matter to  me selfishly and the causes that I feel  like, are just so prevalent in the world.  

What are the habits which you must have as a freelancer in 2020?


Right now so we have like a climate  strike bracelet that's a huge thing that  you know I hope we pay more attention to  as a society. We have some bracelets that  focus on animals we have some bracelets that focus on human rights and yeah  basically, every bracelet supports a  specific nonprofit and donates $5 to that cause.  

I  love them they're absolutely gorgeous. We have them on our website and so you can find that under our partner's page, so feel free to go out there and look for that. So it's been such an I just believe it's just you know it's a great reminder. 

When  you wear a bracelet you know causes that  your support and are able to look at  every day and so I love that you created  that for so many people and who  knows what's going to come out of this  for causes. I mean yeah I'm  just excited for the cording thing to  inks. We also have a total that makes freelancer this  nothing and basically it says it's cool  to care and we hand them out around San Diego and fill them with goods  and snacks and socks and things like that. 

It's like you know we're stuck  inside right now, so that's that's my  favourite part isn't it not gonna lie. It's a really cool tip, so if you buy  that all the proceeds go give an additional tip to someone, who needs it.  It' a wonderful idea yeah I'm like  you know oh I found out there's over  50,000 homeless at any given time in LA  County broke my heart. 

What are the habits which you must have as a freelancer in 2020?

I'm like you again we're stuck in our homes. We live such lives  and their people literally outside three feet away from me that have nothing yeah  and why do you have to feel that way at some point. You know yeah good well thank you so much again Ashley for caring creating cause bracelet for giving back to the homeless and also now even  expanding you're huge advertising empire to bringing in entrepreneurs

So they can  also continue to share their message  there's just every beam of your fibre has really been about how you can give  back thank you because we need more we  need more women like you know to  step up and and continue giving back and  Kelly. With us today and sharing your gosh  just your heart and your miracles of how  you're able to bring music to everyone  and everyone realizing that there's no limit. 

So what is what it what you're able to behave or do there's nothing that should stop you and if anyone is listening to this. Right now that's feeling like maybe they've kind of been down in the dumps and they're feeling like things aren't going. So well for them I just want you to remember some of the stories that you heard today and realize that anything's possible. You must remember this to be a successful freelancer.

So, thanks for being with us I wanted to share with all of you that we're  going to be doing a second podcast this  week because I have so many amazing women to be interviewing. So, I'm going to  be interviewing tomorrow on the 15th and  then, of course, will be loading that on  the podcasts on Friday but we're going  to be interviewing hyacinth Henderson.  

He's a badass stockbroker. She does you know life health. She's an annuity broker. She has her own podcast called the American the cream. She's  so awesome and she's going to be joining us along with Makayla Kiner and Makayla is an author and in HR an executive and has so much experience within America and can offer. 

So much advice right now with what's happening with this situation and so I'm very excited to have them joining us. So the last thing I want to mention to all of you before we close and the two of you set the stage for this. 


So, well today I want to thank you for being my guest so remember you are the only you that has ever been and you are the only you that will ever be so how you pioneer your futures up to you. 

In the words of Ashley and Kelly, I would like all of you to shine your lamps light your lamps continue lighting additional lamps and bring those that are suffering in the darkness out into the light with you and give back because this is our one chance to do it. 

Thank you so much for reading this post. Also thank you for being here with me it was a wonderful show and thank you for being with us on lead up for us to speak up to lead up. We'll talk with you next week.


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