How you can stop losing money in stock market | Latest tips 2020

Today, I want to teach you how not to lose money investing in stocks. Now specifically what about to  tell you a story of how my rich clients lose money in the stock market without knowing this very thing which I'm going to tell you about now. 


We know that it's  very easy to lose money in the stock market when you don't know what you're  doing but even if you think you know what you're doing if you are only single-minded. I mean by that is that if you go to some millionaire investing  program or value investing program you pay by five figures of you know it's a program cost and you attend that course for two three four or five days and you  thought like the course is going to make you rich in a year or two years. 

Then you're wrong and I could also tell you that before I  can attend all these courses that cost like five figures like ridiculous amount of money Nadia conducted nice work and all that but if I tell some of those are very neutral comments. I mean but you can  see that it's not that great anyway right and if you blindly buy dividend  stocks just like a danger right and just because you know about Asia just because  you think you can't go wrong because it all has given I'm very high dividend.  

Last year of course after the price drop thank you you realize that some dividend stocks are actually value trap. I have a lesson on this and connect to the look  at that the lesson, I was popping up in the upper right-hand corner after this  lesson and because really truly not all that glitters is gold because it could  be also your TAHI. 


So, anyway I wanted to share with you how  my rich client lose lots of money in 2020 market crash because they  accidentally invested in the stocks of the companies where the shares have actually plunge twenty-thirty per cent without even knowing that they are  actually invested in the stocks of the shares of this company. 

So here is what  happens now this expose that I'm giving you today for few little insights on  these are this one investment is very popular when you go to a private banking category and that is called a structured product or structured investment who are  sold by lot private bankers you know tapping on clients or investor and may naiveness and also ignorance. 

Now, why do I know well, let's go to some details? Right  now I can't talk about this now I've never invested in this kind of structured product like this one myself because I know what that is right and this is the problem. I can actually tell me not the one who actually make them right because  I lose this money because there's some kind of my client that engages me just for advisory. 

So they never really actually  managed an investment right because they can and they have the competency level time to do that but they do engage me in the past for in one-on-one investment  advisory because they just want pure advice they want to invest better and  that's why they engage me for these are 1 on 1 advisory back.  

I know no sales talk the zero pitch yourself like what I did on the post but they just want to pick  my brain on my experience and thought  process and I say that what makes you so credible to actually do this well. I  have been conducting corporate workshops to major banks in Malaysia  even fund houses as you can see over here. So that makes me credible and I mean  actually basically training the private bankers right now like how they can advise  their clients better. 

Yes, I do charge a consultation fee there for the fun of fee. Now I mean if you feel something that you're looking for just checks out the  description below and leave your contact and all that but I think it's a group of rich clients who actually lose money they say that after they lose money they actually come back to me and tell me oh I know  that because I lose money because I didn't listen to what you say. 


  ·        Lack of research
  ·        Lack of patience
           ·        Sudden overexposure
         ·        Booking profits early
              ·        Blindly following people


Just listen to  you that's what they call me that is why I say what happened that they start to  pour their hearts out on you know what they did and you know why duplicity the time. Maybe let me share with you this insider information but you know I  don't usually share because you know if I'm going to tell you sometimes about  the blue probably wasn't you know relate to that but this very news is they  publish published in the edge you know the reason it really demonstrates what happens to a lot of rich and high-net-worth investors.  

How you can stop losing money in stock market | Latest tips 2020

This article absolutely articulate acted you know what  really happen to a lot my which file you know and clear in a clear concise manner. So let's jump right in right now you know that these articles from the first  part it says that a lot these are a very well-heeled investor. They're not  really interested in getting a 20% kind of return and all that because they know  that investment maybe can swing 20 per cent one-way equal actually swing  negative another way so for them they have enough sufficient capital. 

There's  another piece of capital if they just get like five six-seven per cent. So matching EPF returns even Amanah Saham return, they are  actually very happy already but for them, they get attracted when you know  their private bankers actually told them that structured product called fixed coupon notes  right and is very popular across private banking clients so this kind of investment.

So, these were some of the major steps which you can take to avoid losing money in the stock market.

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