How much should a freelance content writer charge for the content or article?


How much should a freelance content writer charge for the content or article?


Now, this is an important question that you wanna get paid what you're worth  and make a decent wage as a freelance writer. But setting your rates isn't always easy,  especially since there are different types of content,  different niches and different experience levels.  And this is further complicated by the fact that  there are tons of the misinformation out there  and just plain old bad advice when it comes to  setting your rates as a freelance writer.  

A lot of this advice is based on beating the competition  in terms of being the most affordable and basically  setting your rates in comparison to other writers.  But I'm here to tell you that there is a better way  to set your rates and it's all based on charging your  unique value as a freelance writer  and not worrying about the competition.  


The goal here is to establish your unique value and be unwavering in your rates even if you're charging more than the average writer.  Now there are many ways to determine how much you're worth and set your rates and attract clients that are able to pay those rates.  But the important thing to remember here is not to worry about the competition and stop trying to undercut your prices in order to be competitive.  If you're new to my post, welcome.  

I've been a freelance writer  for the past three years, and I'm passionate about  helping other aspiring writers start and grow profitable remote writing businesses.  On this post, I share loads of information on how to start and grow up writing business.  And so if you're new here, feel free to give this post  a thumbs up and subscribe so you get notified  every time I put out a new post.  


In this post, I'm gonna be talking about  how to establish your rates as a freelance writer,  depending on the type of content you create,  the type of clients you wanna work with  and your income goals.  There's this huge a misconception that freelance writers  don't make very much money.  And I think this is perpetuated a lot by these websites  like Fiverr and Upwork who basically  market writers for very, very low rates  and in order to get clients, you have to be competitive  with other writers, undercut your prices,  and basically just hustle against other writers.  And it just becomes this really competitive  and not very profitable environment.  

So if you're going to have a writing business,  I really want you to charge what you're worth and make a decent income from it.  You don't need to be making pennies and you don't need to be a poor writer making only a couple thousand dollars a month,  you can actually have a very profitable and lucrative  Online Writing business if you know how to charge what you're worth and position yourself in the right way.  

So before you go googling for all this information on how to set your rates, read this post to understand how to charge based on your unique value and actually attract clients that have budgets to spend on content.  Now, let's get into it.  Now the first step to charging what you're worth is to establish your income goals.  


How much should a freelance content writer charge for the content or article?

Basically, you need to ask yourself how much you wanna make in order to cover your expenses, pay your taxes and have some money left over to spend or to save.  If you go into this thinking,  oh, I'm just gonna charge this much and I'm gonna have to work, work, work in order to make a lot of money,  then you're taking a backwards approach.  

Basically, you need to determine how much money you wanna make and then determine your rates based on that.  And this will help determine how many projects you can take on and how many clients you can manage at a given time.  Say that you know that you need to make $5,000 a month in order to cover your expenses, your business taxes and have some money leftover.  

With this in mind, you can then determine roughly how many hours per week you want to work.  So with a standard job,  you're usually working about 40 hours a week.  But as a freelance writer, you can set your own hours and basically decide if you wanna work five hours a week,  15 hours a week, or 50 hours a week.  And then you can kind of decisions based on the $5,000  that you wanna make, how many hours you're gonna have to work during a week,  and how much you're gonna have to charge per project in order to make that happen.  

So in order to make $5,000 a month,  you would basically be meaning to make $1,250 per week in order to reach your income goals.  So I know for myself that I can write roughly five articles per week.  And this equates to about 15 hours of work per week.  Which means I would need to charge $250 per an article in order to reach my income goals.  This is, of course, assuming that all of these projects are around the same length.  

Sometimes I might write longer articles,  where I charge more or do bigger projects.  But the bare minimum I will have to be writing five articles per week at $250 per an article in order to be making $5,000 a month.  You can do some simple math by taking the amount of money that you wanna make per month, dividing it per week,  determining how many hours you wanna work per week,  and then how much you need to charge per article or per project in order to meet that weekly income goal. 

You must consider these points before charging from your client. I hope you liked this post. Also, let me know if you have any doubt or questions regarding freelancing.

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