How content creation and content Marketing is an effective strategy?

Hello guys and welcome to my blog!  

So if this is your first time here, welcome for the first time  and if you've been here, welcome back  so today, I'm going to a tell you about photography because  if you are not aware, the reason I started this website because I enjoyed writing posts.  

How content creation and content Marketing is an effective strategy?


It's been 3 years since I started my first post using my Canva. I enjoyed the actual post making process. Now that we're in quarantine  you might have thought, why not start  your own website or blog or if you have a post project idea  that you want to be more creative  this is a good opportunity. Especially, since we're all staying at home  it's actually easy to start because  you only need a smartphone in order to start for me. 

I started with a GoPro but smartphones  like this one, an iPhone or if you're using an Android device  phones nowadays have good post quality. Why not try it, at the same time who knows if your website becomes a hit  then you also have an opportunity to earn money from Youtube. 

Also if you have noticed  there's a rise in micro content  which you can see on Instagram  and TikTok  those people who make short clips  you might be interested in  creating those kinds of micro-content  then at least you'll have  a basic guide and structure on how to do a post. 


How content creation and content Marketing is an effective strategy?

Now I'm discussing more for beginners and for those already at an advanced level. You might already know how to shoot and edit a post. This one is a basic start guide for those who have no idea on it at. One point in your quarantine you might have thought it might be a good idea to start a blog there's actually a lot of content you can blog post about.  

If you have a talent in comedy the funny posts that can earn money. If you are a fan of tech and gadgets reviewing tech stuff unboxing posts. There's also a lot of posts like that, that earn if you love to travel you might have some travel footages hidden somewhere or travel photos which you can narrate. 

The good experiences you had during your travel that's another content idea. Another is for girls who like makeup. You can write a beauty blog. You just need some creativity. So you can present it in such a way that people would understand it better. It's never too late to start creating your post especially right now that people are in quarantine expect that more people will be reading your blog. Since they are all stuck at home. 

Now, the question is how do you get started as a beginner but the actual creation of the post. I created some tips. So you can start your own post. 


The first tip I can give you is to  Plan Your Content. What I said earlier  you could have thought of sharing your knowledge about tech or  let's say cooking  or for girls who do makeup you can share about them. 

For guys who do gaming if you love gaming, you can share about that such as the gameplay you might know of a certain strategy in order to run the game faster or what they call speedruns. Just like me,  the next tip I can give you is to  Prepare Your Equipment. Like I said earlier you can start shooting on your smartphones.

Nowadays have very good cameras so it's now easier  If you have a much better post you can also use that because, why not?

If you have equipment that produces better results then, by all means, you can use. You can also start by improvising with whatever you have as your equipment.  For example, you need good lighting and you don't want to invest money in buying one because you may still be checking and exploring on if content creation using post is for you.

You can use a lamp  or if you have some LED lights you can use that for indoors or also if you have an area in your house that has some good lighting  the windows might have good natural light in the morning. You can do your post there.


A good example I have is the setup I have here with me right now with the window on this side  because the lighting from the window is good  but I also have my own lighting which I bought for myself.  Aside from the lighting we also have microphones  the built-in earphones of your iPhone or  whatever your phone is if you are using an Android.

Usually, there's a microphone built-in your earphone. So if you don't want background noise you can use your earphones as a microphone that's one of the tips I can give to you. Do-it-yourself(DIY) setups are acceptable when you are starting out.  If you enjoyed creating your first post and want to step-up.

You can start looking into buying equipment, let's say a microphone  an entry-level one  some simple lighting  There's a lot of options on eCommerce sites like Lazada or Shopee. Once you have your equipment we can proceed now to the second tip of our guide which is to:  Share Your Post.

If you already have a good setup  you can now start shooting your post. If you're writing a blog post, Then, you can do an introduction to your blog post  what's your reason why you are blog posting  or you can proceed with creating your main content. For example, a tutorial  or some recipes

It depends on you what your first post will be  I suggest not to get caught up making your very first one perfect. It's also important if you can make your content more authentic just try to be yourself.  You can work on keep on improving yourself as you keep on shooting your posts.

Then if you have another form of content aside from blogposts like cinematic posts. For example, you can try to practice first. I would suggest creating small clips as your content  You can start with that because if you attempt doing a very large project. let's say a 30-minute post. You can get discouraged and overwhelmed once you start editing it because it's too long.

It's better to do incremental steps  like starting with one shooting technique for example because if you attempt to use multiple techniques in a single project and you're starting out  you might get overwhelmed  and you might be discouraged from finishing the project because it might be too much for someone beginning to learn.

It may be too shocking on your first time editing. Start with some micro-content first so that's my third tip. Then my fourth tip is to Editing and Postprocess  Once you've shot your post. You can now proceed with editing. There's a lot of editing apps available.


  • Plan your content
  •  Share Your Post
  • Start with some micro content
  • Editing


I suggest starting with a basic editing app or software for beginners for you to get a better grasp of it. Advanced software or apps such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. It might be too technical for someone starting to learn post-editing.

So, these are the few tips which you must follow to create a better and unique content effectively. Also, you must try out this strategy in your life.

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