How Search engine marketing is booming in 2020 | Latest tips


Are you planning to get more  conversions from Google? 

But, you don't know where to show is it organic listing or paid listing then read this entire post. It is just for you what is the difference between a webpage and a search engine

Any page you see on the internet with a URL is considered as a web page whereas search engine is also a web page but it will show you the result of the content after you have done searching. 
For example Google, Yahoo, Bing.


How Search engine marketing is booming in 2020?

If you market or do advertisement on search engines is called search engine marketing. Then only it will show the result and coming to search engines, Google is a king of search engines.

As we know, in 2019, 3.5 billion searches happen per day on Google. If you can promote or market your product on Google that is enough to grow your business and Don't worry about other websites because Google partnered up with at least 90% of websites online using Google Adsense. 

If you want to promote on other websites such as Deccan Chronicle or any news websites you can directly go to Google and it has all the categories you can select that and you can start putting your ads on these websites as well. 

YouTube is the second largest search engine on average 400 hours of content has been uploaded every single minute. Every day 1 billion hours has been read by all users.  

The mission of Google is straightforward. It will connect users to the information they are looking for and the marketers to the customers. 

Let's start talking about google, whenever you search something on Google and hit on that search button it will take you to SERP search engine result page. Here, it will show you all the result in a list format. It has hundreds of SERP pages but 90% of traffic will convert on the first page only make sure your listing is on the first page.  

On SERP, you will see two types of listing one organic listing, and other is paid listing. 

What is an organic listing? 

This is a free listing, where Google will show your web page or your content freely without taking a penny from you. If you want to  get your website or post on page 1 of SERP, you need to work with SEO "search engine optimization". 

In SEO, on average you need to work for 6 to 8 months to show your page on number 1, and again there is no guarantee that it will be on page 1 or you will get rank 1. It is like a trial and error method. 

What is paid listing?

Paid listing is what you see on top and bottom of SERP, are called paid listing. You'll see a small icon which shows ads, those are advertised listing. On an average, you will see max full listing on top of the page and up to three listings on bottom of the page. 

If you want to show your ads on this paid listing then you need to work with Google ads on this platform. You need to create different campaigns, different ads with different keywords. 

In the paid listing, you don't have to wait for 6 to 8 months to start showing your ads on page 1.  


I suggest if you are looking for straight to result from day one, don't go with SEO. As we know, SEO is a long time taking process. So, just go with SEM, when you invest some money then only it will bring some money. Money breeds money.  

That's why go with SEM if you are a beginner. In next post, we'll talk about  how will Google decides to rank your ad on top and bottom and what is bid. How it will work and all this thing will be taught in the next post. 

Guys if you like this post, stay tuned and please do write some comments if you have any questions. 

Thank you! Have a good one.  


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