6 Simple linkedin profile tips which will stand you out from the crowd


When did you get your LinkedIn profile logged in for the last time?  

6 Simple linkedin profile tips which will stand you out from the crowd

Like most people, I guess it's quite a long time ago and as we all know  LinkedIn is changing all the time. 

So now maybe the best opportunity to bring things right up to date.  I did mine last week. It was a little bit challenging; I  must admit. 

I learned quite a bit through the experience and I'd like to just  share my six simple tips which will really help you to do this quite quickly and easily. 

6 Simple linkedin profile tips which will stand you out from the crowd

Here are the 6 simple tips :

1. So the first thing that you really want to do is to look at your profile picture

If need be, make sure you get yourself a new headshot. It's really not worth having something that is outdated and doesn't do you any favours.  You don't really need a professional image, you just need it to be up to date and you as you would be on a normal working day. 

So, once you've got your  headshot sorted out then bear in mind that LinkedIn also gives you the opportunity to put a background image behind yourself. 

Now that background image by default is a connected dot abstract. Everyone has got it. it looks a  little bit ugly so what you're gonna want to do I guess is to choose something which is personal to yourself. 

It could be a picture of the location that you're in. It might be the tools of your trade possibly. It could even be an abstract that is something that represents you quite well as a  person. 

Make sure of course that your background image fits nicely with  the headshot so overall it gives you real appeal on the way that your profile looks. 

2. So having got the imagery right the next step is to move on to the thing that is most important which of course is the headline. The headline is vital. It is the thing that accurately portrays who you are, what you do, who you serve and that is absolutely unique. So it's probably worthwhile brainstorming quite a few ideas on that. 

Use as many of the 120  characters as you can and come up with something which isn't the same as everyone else. And you'll notice that most people either just have their job  title or they have a whole load of descriptors such as "social media expert",  "marketing guru" and so on. Avoid those things.

3. Try to describe yourself and what you do for the people that you connect with on LinkedIn: 

Having done your headline you should then move to the contact information. Now LinkedIn is working really hard to make sure that there are many different ways that you could be contacted and to put your contact information front and centre on your  LinkedIn profile. 

So, you may already have your telephone number. That's great but please add your email and your website, if you've got a website, your blog site if you have one of those. Your Twitter handle of course and any other opportunity including Skype and direct messaging that will allow people to contact you in the way that they feel most comfortable with. 

So once you've  done that you then need to look at the individual sections on your profile and what you'll notice, and I certainly noticed this is that those profile sections have actually changed. 

The ordering of them may be slightly different from how you remember. There may be certain things that used to be on your profile but that LinkedIn has taken down. There may well be a slightly different title to each section. 

So, for example, the summary section is now  called the about section. So things may be looking a little bit different from the last time you looked at it. The good news is that LinkedIn is offering you a lot  more opportunity to personalize and to actually stand out. 

There's the opportunity to have a featured section on your site so if you have the opportunity then I would suggest that you use that to portray some of the skills, some of the certifications that you and maybe even some of the work you've done in terms of projects and presentations. So, that can go into your featured section. 

4. You should upload rich media,  so things which really are going to lift you off the page. A lot of profiles have got a lot of text. Some of them have got very little text but they've got nothing  really to bring the profile to life. 

So given the opportunity now to add  PowerPoint, to add JPEG images, to add video, then if you've got these things why not  put them on your LinkedIn profile? 

They will really really help you I think to stand out. So rich media is definitely something that you want to go with and  then the final thing, I would say is that recommendations are really important  so hopefully, you've got some of those and also, you've got endorsements for the  skills that you have.

Now, if you have got skills bear in mind that you can order  those skills according to what you consider to be most important to you and  the people that are looking at your LinkedIn profile. 

5. The most important  thing probably to do is to pin your top three skills to the top of that skills section. Those will be the things that are most relevant to you today and that you really want to be known for. So there we are. There are six relatively simple things that you can do. When you do that I'm pretty confident that  LinkedIn will give you an all-star rating. 

You will stand out from the crowd  on LinkedIn and you will I think have spent a little bit of time and it will be time worthwhile spent. If you want to go a bit deeper with any of these tips or if you really want to have a deep dive into your LinkedIn profile.

So,  hopefully, you found this post quite interesting. Hit the comment section with your views and opinions regarding this post!

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